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Mark Bell's Power Project

Mar 27, 2023

In this Podcast Episode, Jeremy Avilla, Tiffany Leung, Mark Bell, Nsima Inyang, and Andrew Zaragoza talk about coaching kids in in the gym, how to get strong and the incredible Powerlifting World Records both Jeremy and Tiff hold.

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00:00 - Jeremy & Tiff's records

01:25 - Meeting Jay Cutler

05:22 - Tiff's powerlifting meet

05:56 - Power vs Olympic lifters: Who's better

07:18 - Who helps Tiff with programming

09:09 - Jeremy's diet routine

12:42 - Do you train kids for different sports

14:20 - Feedback from Parents

16:25 - Structure of your training program

19:21 - How long have you been working with kids

21:47 - Advantages of Box squats

23:54 - Communicate effectively with kids

31:38 - Has working with kids changed you

36:23 - How do you motivate teenagers to start training

40:54 - Parenting approach for teenage motivation

43:50 - How to get strong

45:29 - How long Jeremy has been Lifting

46:44 - How do you maintain athleticism

49:07 - How long have you been powerlifting before Olympic lifting

51:19 - What is SuperTotal

51:51 - Missing Lifts

53:34 - Bodybuilding?

57:06 - Have you felt out of shape

58:57 - Your daily routine to stay fit

1:01:36 - Bone Broth benefits

1:03:21 - Any other supplements

1:04:39 - Sharing animal killing stories

1:08:59 - Biggest lessons from Jesse Burdick

1:11:30 - Tiff's Goals

1:14:33 - How much lifting was under your belt

1:17:28 - Competition experience.

1:18:00 - Jeremy's Goals

1:22:41 - Thoughts on other Powerlifters

1:23:33 - Thoughts on PEDs

1:24:49 - Anyone close to Tiff's world record?

1:25:50 - Best friend to boyfriend

1:30:33 - Way to connect with Tiff & Jeremy

1:30:55 - Outro


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