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Mark Bell's Power Project

Sep 28, 2020

Today we are following up our previous episode about some of our mistakes, this time the times we messed up our training.

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Sep 26, 2020

At the end of EP. 251, Nsima Inyang admitted he has gotten an extra "boost" from using Joovv's Red Light Therapy. Red Light Therapy has been know for it's testosterone benefits, but not many have come forward to share a solid experience like this when talking about it's libido boosting benefits. The entire episode...

Sep 21, 2020

Today we're sharing the times we messed up trying different types of diets so you don't make these mistakes. Let us know if you've made these mistakes in the comments and be on the look out for more "We Messed Up" episodes coming soon!

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Sep 19, 2020

Limited gym access, limited gym equipment, limited space, all of this might be the new norm. Unfortunately, a lot of us use the gym to help with much more than just our bodies and when that was taken away, it affected a lot of us. Mark Bell wants you to draw a line in the sand and make exercise you number one priority...

Sep 16, 2020

Marc Lobliner is a Pro Bodybuilder and the Chief Marketing Officer for, as well as owner and CEO of MTS Nutrition, partner in Ambrosia Nutraceuticals, and owner of Machine Training Solutions Body & Life Coaching Services.

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