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Mark Bell's Power Project

May 31, 2021

We tend to blame events in our childhood for why we act the way we do. Someone made fun of our weight and we carry that today. We're want to tell you that it's not necessarily your fault this happened, but it IS your responsibility to learn how to better yourself.
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May 28, 2021

Today we're talking about what is the ideal body fat percentage (if there is one) for the everyday person and why we believe it is best to focus on living better versus simply living longer.
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May 26, 2021

Craig Golias is a former competitive bodybuilder who has one of the craziest muscle gaining transformations in the sport. Once a 150lb skinny teenager, after several years of training and pushing the limits on building muscle, Craig is now a 360lb mountain of muscle. Craig officially retired from competitive...

May 25, 2021

Tim S. Grover is the CEO of ATTACK Athletics, Inc. He is a world-renowned personal trainer, keynote speaker, and best-selling author. He is famously known for his legendary work with elite champions and Hall of Famers, including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and hundreds other NFL, MLB, NBA, and...

May 20, 2021

Jeff Wittmer is an Olympic Weightlifter and silver & double bronze medalist at the 2008 Pan American Games in Peru. Jeff’s father, Dr. Michael Wittmer, a former National level competitor himself, had Jeff begin lifting weights to improve his ability in other sports. Since starting his practice, Dr. Wittmer, has...