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Mark Bell's Power Project

Sep 20, 2018

Today we are talking about making things easy and doing what you love to do. Mark Bell recalls how some of his favorite role modles would dissect obstacles and convince everyone that they would over come them. Below are links to videos Mark mentions on the podcast and recommends you watch, listen and learn from them as well. Dana White interview: GREATNESS IS MINE: Rewatch the live stream: ➢SHOP NOW: Enter Discount code, "POWERPROJECT" at checkout and receive 15% off all Sling Shots ➢Subscribe Rate & Review on iTunes at: ➢Listen on Stitcher Here: ➢Listen on Google Play here: ➢Listen on SoundCloud Here: FOLLOW Mark Bell ➢ Instagram: ➢ Facebook: ➢ Twitter: ➢ Snapchat: marksmellybell Follow The Power Project Podcast ➢ Instagram: Podcast Produced by Andrew Zaragoza ➢ Instagram: