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Mark Bell's Power Project

Jan 21, 2021

Dr. Joel Gould, DDS is the author of his upcoming book “The Modern Epidemic” and Founder of The Modern American Dentistry Group. Dr. Gould is an expert in sleep apnea, insomnia, and the role of Vitamin D in our body. At his company, Modern American Dentistry, Dr. Gould advances a straightforward and innovative approach to modern dental practices in an environment that is consistently comfortable and effective for his patients.

Studies Dr. Gould referenced on air:
Elderly COVID-19 patients getting 400,000 IU of vitamin D had better survival (Italy, April)– Jan 14, 2021

30 x fewer COVID-19 deaths in those getting 400,000 IU of Vitamin D - Jan 2021

7X less likely to die of COVID-19 if taking Vitamin D loading dose – Dec 11, 2020

9X COVID-19 survival in nursing home if had 80,000 IU dose of vitamin D in previous month – Oct 2020

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