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Mark Bell's Power Project

Mar 16, 2023

In this Podcast Episode, Anthony Kunkel, Mark Bell, Nsima Inyang, and Andrew Zaragoza talk about some of Anthony's feats in long distance running, his diet and training to accomplish them and how you can become a better runner. 

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00:00 - What causes ginger beards

04:49 - Maternal Haplogroup

06:20 - High FAT Low CARB

07:59 - Running calories calculation

10:53 - Running performance nutrition

14:43 - Feels Fast OR feels difficult

16:10 - How to sprint faster

19:45 - Changes in glucose levels

21:26 - Type of races done

25:30 - Run downhill in a marathon

27:06 - Marathon OR Ultra-marathon

30:38 - Mobile Sauna on a trailer

32:14 - Injuries

34:08 - Using Shoe socks

36:07 - Training time

38:26 - How has lifting helped you in running

44:51 - How to purposely lose muscle

46:11 - How much do ultra runners weigh

49:43 - Weight gain before a Marathon

53:41 - Ways to get strong without gaining weight

55:05 - Running tips for beginners

59:33 - Using Minimal footwear

1:01:28 - Ultra-long distances running performances

1:07:30 - Enjoying events & training

1:10:14 - Using Electric unicycle

1:11:31 - Are runners drug tested

1:14:13 - CBN for Sleep

1:16:31 - About Durango Ultrahouse

1:18:30 - Lack of Mentorship

1:20:27 - Consulting but not Coaching

1:24:30 - What happened in the recent race

1:29:35 - Drop or stop in races & training

1:33:37 - Feeling hungry & eating habits

1:41:08 - Way to connect with Anthony

1:41:56 - Outro

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